Monday, August 27, 2007

Free PLR Gifts

Wow - FreePLR has been such a hit I haven't
had a moment to post in forever! Will have
a LOT more for you in the near future, but
for today make sure you pick up your
Free Gifts
with unresrticted PLR Rights

FreePLR - Free Gifts With PLR Rights!

Back soon...

Teri Champigny,
The Champigny Web
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Technorati Profile...

PS - Have you seen all the amazing resources for
training you how to make money online, really
big money, from the sites and traffic you already
have now?

Live, Love & Laugh, TC.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Build 'em and Track 'em...

You can tell summer's ending in the summer hemisphere;
all the big-league Aussies are back to it! Two powerful
offers dropped into my inbox this week, each for about
ten bucks...

The first, from Frank Bauer, is the first sophisticated
tracking system that's simple to use - you just log in,
make your links and use them - then stop back whenever you
like to check your stats. Now you will KNOW which promos
are doing it for you and which to drop, and which articles
and article directories are driving people to your sites
and which are duds.

Really - how much more could you be making if you were
sure you only used your time and bucks on things that are
already working for you? If you could concentrate on the
best and forget the rest? You could double or triple what
you bring in with the same amount of time and effort!

Right now, til he comes to his senses, Frank's giving
you lifetime access to the system for just ten bucks -
so grab yours before he realizes how much more
you'll be making with his service:


Second up was from our good friend Aurelius. He's just
launched his second graphics mega-event at:

You can download hundreds of top-quality web site
from his site - again for just ten bucks. Stop
by the site and check these babies out - he had them
created by his design team just for this event, so they
aren't the old ones you've already seen everywhere else.
Start downloading yours now from:

Helping you succeed in 2007 and beyond...

Teri Champigny,

PS - Coming back home for a bit, if you want an easy way
to build web sites in under 10 minutes from those
PLR reports and e-books you have, check out this week's
bundle at:

To your success... TC.

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Niche Marketing Tools, E-Books & Gifts

Niche Marketing tools, Niche & mainstream gifts, and
niche e-books with transferrable private label rights -
there's a lot of value packed into this one for you!

1) Why waste your time building squeeze pages when you
get two pro-designed ones, with rights, as part of
the bundle this week at

- 2 Pro Squeeze Pages to use, plus salesletter & Master
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Download These Niche Marketing Tools Now

2) Did you get your gifts from the Lightning Giveaway?

- 5 New Gifts have been added, so you now get 30 gifts
from real pros including James Jackson, Mike Steup,
Larry Dotson, Edmund Loh & Aurelius Tjin. No old stuff
here - all just released products for no outlay. Over
1,000 articles, some gifts with PLR, some with PLR,
some membrships, etc. No wallet required:

Download Your Free Gifts

3) PLR E-Books for about 6 bucks each...

- 3 New Niche E-Books each month, with PLR and pro
salespages included, for about 6 bucks each. Get your
Niche on today:

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How's that for making it a great day for you? You can
pick and chose from those, or get the whole shebang for
less than thirty bucks - so much for so little!

Helping you succeed in 2007 and beyond...

Teri Champigny

PS - Remember, the bundle at SevenBucks is only there
til tomorrow night, so even if you're strapped for time,
at least download your copy now while you still can! Get
the Squeeze Page Profit System and 30-Minute
, both with salespages and Master Resell Rights,
before you miss out:

Download Your Niche Marketing Tools

To your success... TC.

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

2 Great New Sites!

Hi Folks!

I've been a busy girl - have two new niche sites
for you today! Both are in very busy niches -
health and pets this time.

First up is Your Diabetes Info,
designed to bring you information on the
different types of diabetes, complications of
diabetes and other general information on

The other new site is All About Cats & Kittens.
Here I've put together a number of articles on older
cats, kittens and other important information on your
favorite feline friends - be sure to visit the site today
to read all about cats and kittens.

Back soon with more great sites for you!

Teri Champigny,
Welland, ON, Canada.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Vacations on Cruises is online now!

It's been a crazy week, with lousy weather here,
so I got a lot more done this week. :) Here's the
latest niche site I have put online:

Vacations on Cruises

Vacation cruises are legendary - hot days on tropical
islands, hot nights in the onboard discos and more
food than any of us should eat... Cruises are often
the dream vacations that people talk about for years
and years afterward.

As well as the romantic cruises, honeymoon cruises
and swingers cruises there are cruises that are just
perfect for the whole family, especially the Disney Cruises!
Kids and parents alike rave about those...

So treat yourself to great vacations on cruises - after
all, if you don't deserve it, who does?

Enjoy the site...

Teri Champigny.
Search the 30+ sites in the Champigny Web!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Diamonds Site Online...

Got the first of my new niche sites online
today - it's the first one I've used XSitePro
for - take a look and see what you think:

You'll find great information there on
diamonds as jewelry, industrial diamonds
and a variety of related information.

Hope you enjoy it...

Teri Champigny.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Free List-Building Tool...

Here's a great new resource you can use
to build your Opt-In List for free:

The Champigny Guide to
Teleseminars & Webinars!

This free 10-page report comes with a
professionally designed page you can give
it away from to those people who join
your own opt-in list. Download this great
new tool today and put it to work building
your lists today!

All the best,